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Engagement is an essential factor in making TANA successful. It plays an important part in achieving our goals. Member engagement by committees strengthens our programs and services -  from a dynamic conference to a strong grassroots program - tell us where you want to get involved.

The Bylaws/Resolutions Committee: shall consider proposed amendments to the bylaws of TANA and resolutions and draft them in proper form for submission to the members at the Annual Meeting.

Bethany Seale, CRNA, Chair 
John Asbury, CRNA
Brad Avans, CRNA 
Chelsea Crews, SRNA
Stephen Finder, CRNA
Julie Gallant, SRNA
Ashley Mudd, SRNA
Russell Proffitt, CRNA

Committee Purpose: The TANA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Task Force is an ad hoc committee that began in fiscal year 2020, and further defined in 2021.  It designs and implements initiatives, educational opportunities, and information for members that fosters cultural sensitivity, diversity, and inclusion for the nurse anesthesia profession. Recognizing that TANA members represent all demographics and practice in every setting in which anesthesia is delivered across the state, the TANA desires to integrate diversity and inclusion into the work of the TANA Board, and committees.   

Colonel Sheila McCarley, CRNA, Chair Task Force
Jim Alberding, CRNA
Jacqueline Breuer, SRNA
Briana Covington, CRNA
Kathryn Freeman, SRNA
Chika Igwe, SRNA
Donna Keeney, CRNA
Jim Kuziel, CRNA 

Education Committee: shall provide a channel of communication for the nurse anesthesia programs in the State of Tennessee, anesthesia students, and TANA, to provide improved communication, program enhancement and desire for active membership in TANA. 

Julie Bonom, CRNA, Chair 
Dwayne Accardo, CRNA 
Jodi Carlsen, CRNA
Hope Ferguson, CRNA
Rusty Gentry, CRNA 
Linda Hill, CRNA 
Crystal Hunnicutt, CRNA
Leslie Miller, CRNA
Andrew Rice, CRNA
Lois Stewart, CRNA

Finance Committee: prepares both for presentation and for approval, the annual budget, in consultation with the Board, committee chairs and staff, and shall make recommendations for financing the long-range plans of TANA. 

Carl Sisco, CRNA, Chair
Brad Avans, CRNA, Treasurer
Delia Rhinehart, CRNA

Government/Legislative Committee: shall work in collaboration with the TANA and AANA lobbying teams and TANA-PAC to address matters pertaining to legislation and regulations, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on legislative positions, strategy and infrastructure related to successful government relations.

Jim Alberding, CRNA, Chair
Jim Albuy, CRNA
Melissa Blackwood, CRNA
Brittany Chesnut, SRNA
Kathleen Chmelicek, SRNA
Katie Cooper, CRNA
Devin Daffron, SRNA
Alan Davenport, CRNA
Emily Fulkerson, SNRA
Preston Gray, SRNA
Chris Hulin, CRNA
Victor Martin, CRNA
Rachel Murray, CRNA
Matt Owen, SRNA
Russell Proffitt, CRNA
Mitchell Salley, SRNA
Emily Stewart, CRNA

Non Voting Member: Tausha Alexander: TANA Lobbyist & Political Director 

Leilani Herbert, CRNA, Chair
Toni Barrett, CRNA
Jen Patrick, CRNA

Program Committee: shall plan, implement, monitor and manage the educational programs for TANA. The Program Committee shall coordinate and regularly communicate with the TANA Board of Directors in the planning and execution of the Annual Convention.

Linda Hill, CRNA, Co-Chair
Rachel Nall, CRNA, Co-Chair
Kelcy Barsotti, CRNA
Jodi Carlsen, CRNA
Taylor Cochran, SRNA
Christina Crotts, CNRA
Lauren Johnson, SRNA
Sheila McCarley, CRNA
Gale Rowe, CRNA
Shawna Spurgeon, SNRA
Linda Walkowicz, CRNA
Brody White, CRNA
Anastasia Woodard, SRNA

Public Relations Committee: shall be responsible for the external communications and public relations of TANA. This committee shall stimulate good relations between the Nurse Anesthetists, members and external parties by disseminating pertinent information through all available channels including the official website, newsletters and approved social media outlets.

Brad Koss, CRNA, Co-Chair
Steven Moon, CRNA, Co-Chair
Jacqueline Breuer, SRNA
Allison King, CRNA
Anna McClesky, CRNA
Reece Moody, SRNA
Jerrod Weems, CRNA

TANA-PAC Committee: shall operate under separate charter and shall oversee the raising and collection of funds, and with input from the Government Relations Committee, the TANA lobbyist and the Board, shall oversee the distribution of those funds to support candidates and issues that further the purpose of TANA.

Jake Carroll, CRNA, Chair
Pedro Ayvirre
Michelle Couper, CRNA
Devin Daffron, SRNA
Julien Deshler, SRNA
Thomas Diller, CRNA
Hope Ferguson, CRNA
Temidayo Folaju, SRNA
Keleigh Galloway, SRNA
Alan Hendon, CRNA
RoyDell Herron, CRNA
Linda Hill, CRNA
Jordan Hollinshead, CRNA
Jonathan Hooper, SRNA
Matthew Mustard
Garrett Peek
Raleigh Todd, CRNA
Suzanne Wehner, CRNA
Jacob Wheat
Anna Wong, SRNA

Non Voting Member: Tausha Alexander: TANA Lobbyist & Political Director 

Wellness Committee: shall provide educational opportunities and programs that foster lifelong healthy behavioral decisions for TANA members. This committee shall recognize personal and professional risk factors and strive to address them, as well as focus on promoting a culture of physical, psychological and emotional well-being for CRNAs and SRNAs.

Crystal Hunnicutt, CRNA, Chair
Katie Cooper, CRNA
Jack Edmondson, CRNA
Kristina Heering, CRNA
Donna Keeney, CRNA
Allison King, CRNA
Justin McAdoo, CRNA
Kayla Raines, SRNA

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