The TANA Wellness Committee provides educational opportunities and programs that foster lifelong healthy behavioral decisions for TANA members. The committee’s mission recognizes personal and professional risk factors and strives to address them. The committee’s primary focus is on wellness  is to promote a culture of physical, psychological and emotional well-being for CRNAs and SRNAs.

TANA Wellness Committee Chair & State Peer Advisor - Crystal (Odle) Hunnicutt, DNAP, CRNA

State Peer AdvisorJack Edmondson, CRNA, MS, APN

State Peer Advistor - Justin McAdoo, DNP, CRNA

State Peer Advisor - Leigh Taylor, CRNA


CRNAs, like most healthcare professionals, face multiple challenges and opportunities during their career: Transitioning from student to CRNA, career changes, coping with job loss when it is not your choice, and approaching retirement age. These resources can help you THRIVE not only professionally, but personally as well. Learn more at:

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