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What can I do to help further the efforts of TANA-PAC?

You can help impact your profession by joining your colleagues in making a contribution to TANA-PAC. You have the option of setting up monthly contributions or making a one-time donation by credit card.

CRNA PAC Contributions:

Contributing to elected officials and candidates through TANA/PAC sends a strong message that TANA members care about the decisions that are being made. It is also important when establishing relationships with our lawmakers. Help us protect your profession by making an investment today!

Volunteer Circle Registration: A Student Only TANA PAC Club:

SRNA's - Thank you for your consideration of joining the Student-Only, Volunteer Circle!

Do you know who decides how you will practice your profession and be reimbursed for your services as a CRNA?

It is the 33 Senators and 99 Representatives of the Tennessee General Assembly on Capitol Hill in Nashville, Tennessee.

How does TANA-PAC make a difference?

Here are a few of the ways TANA-PAC works to protect your profession:

  • TANA-PAC build relationships with key decision makers.
  • TANA-PAC makes financial contributions to legislators who will champion the role of CRNAs in the delivery of health care in Tennessee.
  • TANA-PAC's contributions don't buy votes; they increase the visibility and opportunities for our message to be heard.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at (615) 329-3450. Thank you for your continued support of TANA-PAC! Access TANA PAC News!

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