Mila Devineni, SRNA
TASNA President
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Apply to be the next student liaison to the TANA Board and TASNA President Elect

This is a fun way to get involved in the association and have your travel paid for by TANA. We hope to have several candidates apply!

The current TASNA President, Mila Devineni, will remain to serve as a mentor the new President Elect. Submit your name to be the next TASNA President Elect by October 1. More information and instructions are included in the candidate packet here.


The vote will take place in-person at TANA's 84th Annual Convention by ballot at the TASNA Student Meeting. Students must register for the TANA conference though their Program Director to attend the meeting.

TASNA President Elect candidates will be required give a brief election speech at the TASNA meeting. Due to the TASNA Policy designed to make sure this position is moved among the schools each year, Union students will not be eligible to apply.

If you have questions about what it is like to serve in this position, the time it takes, the benefits or downside of being in the role, you can email current TASNA President, Mila Devineni from UTHSC at

The Tennessee Association of Student Nurse Anesthetists consists of a board of directors of student leaders that represent the six different anesthesia programs from across the state of Tennessee. This team of student leaders work hand in hand with the TANA leadership to cultivate political awareness, legislative advocacy and peer-to-peer networking among other professional and student nurse anesthetists in Tennessee.

Led by one President and one President Elect, each program has two TASNA Representatives that meet quarterly to discuss goals, objectives, and events (such as the TANA Conference, Friday Social and other political initiatives) in combination with the TANA leadership.

Tana Team

Donate to the TANA PAC Student Volunteer Circle - a student-only TANA PAC group.

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