TANA Wellness Spotlight: Donna Keeney, CRNA

The TANA Wellness Committee is excited to introduce Donna Keeney, CRNA, as one of our committee members. When asked, “How does she prioritize self-care?” she responded, “My go-to, tried, and true self-care moves are getting out in nature and my family, who make me laugh daily – at them and myself! I love learning new moves as well, and currently, I’ve been practicing slowing my busy pace, quieting my busy mind, and attempting to gain focus through mindfulness. I take 15 minutes to sit by myself outside each evening without any distractions such as electronics/devices/phone, music, books, pen/paper, people…just myself and the sights and sounds of nature. It was extremely difficult at first to not want to or feel the need to multitask, but now I look forward to this time to center myself.”

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