TANA Day on the Hill – March 9

The Tennessee General Assembly is back to in-person meetings! On Wednesday, March 9, join CRNAs and SRNAs from across the state for our annual Day on the Hill in Nashville. TANA will connect our members directly with state senators and representatives to discuss topics affecting anesthesia and healthcare.

A Day on the Hill is set aside for association members to:
  • introduce themselves to their legislators and thank them,
  • show our strength in numbers, and
  • let people know what CRNAs do, and what is important to us. You will be given talking points to assist in the process as we have important issues to share with legislators again this year!
We just ask that you take a day (or a few hours) to come to Nashville and represent CRNAs from across the state. TANA will reimburse you for your mileage.

Don’t worry if this is your first time, we will have plenty of members there to mentor you through the process. We hope you will join us!

Before registering, please check with your program directors, as they may be sending us a group list.


We will begin with a briefing meeting at 8:30 AM in the House Chamber in the State Capitol to kick off the day and will also deliver information and dessert boxes to all legislators as well as ata.


RSVP Today!
If you can attend, please RSVP by using this link.


We will arrange appointments for you with your legislators when you register. If you are not sure who represents your district, we will look it up!  


Please join us to help keep your practice viable.

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