Nashville, TN: The Tennessee Association of Nurse Anesthetists names award after Patty Cornwell, CRNA, a long time TANA member and advocate. Patty Cornwell’s lifetime of service to this profession is unwavering! Throughout her years as a CRNA, she has served on the AANA Foundation Friend for Life, on multiple AANA national committees, and is the recipient of the AANA IRA Gunn for Outstanding Professional Advocacy.

As an untiring, devoted leader, Patty has spent most of her life and time advocating for CRNAs!

She was elected TANA President – not once, but three times! Patty has served on every single TANA Committee. She enjoyed it so much that she was TANA’s Executive Director for many years, TANA’s first Federal Political Director and was our Lobbyist for over 20 years. She still works for TANA as our Practice Consultant daily and many of you have benefited from her wisdom and tireless work.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of Patty’s roles and responsibilities over the years as she’s steadfastly advocated for our occupation at the local, state and national levels. She’s unselfishly given her time, expertise and energy to TANA, our profession and our members.

On behalf of the TANA board of directors, we are thrilled to announce that an endowment is being created with the AANA Foundation that will be named The Patty Cornwell Stewardship and Advocacy Award, so that each year, a deserving Tennessee CRNA student can receive a scholarship in Patty’s honor. Beginning in 2021!

Patty is a true inspiration to all of us, and TANA is excited to create this legacy award in your name to honor you for a lifetime of service to our profession, to the TN Assn of Nurse Anesthetists and your never-ending professional advocacy and mentorship efforts at the state, and national level.

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