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Speak Up: Anesthesia and SedationAll About Anesthesia

Having Surgery or a Simple Procedure? Questions you Should Ask….

Preparing for Anesthesia

Before Anesthesia: The Patient's Active Role Makes A Difference (PDF)

After Anesthesia: The Patient's Active Role Assists Your Recovery (PDF)

Anesthetic AwarenessPatient Awareness Under General Anesthesia: What Is It?

Anesthesia Options for Labor and Delivery: What Every Expectant Parent Should Know

Conscious Sedation: What Patients Should Expect (PDF)

CRNAs and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (PDF)

CRNAs Answer Your Questions (PDF)

Herbal Products and Your Anesthetic (PDF)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): What You Should Know (PDF)
This brochure explains MRI safety, sedation or anesthesia for an MRI, and what to expect during an MRI.

Office-Based Anesthesia: What Every Patient Should Know to Prepare for Surgery and Anesthesia in a Physician's Office (PDF)

Fact Sheet: Office-Based Anesthesia and Surgery at a Glance