ECRI Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for 2024

ECRI released its annual report of the top 10 patient safety concerns, drawing on evidence-based research, data, and expert insights. The top 10 concerns are:

  1. Transitioning new clinicians from education to practice
  2. Workarounds with barcode medication administration systems
  3. Access to maternal and perinatal care
  4. Unintended consequences of technology adoption
  5. Physical and emotional well-being of healthcare workers
  6. Complexity of preventing diagnostic error
  7. Equitable care for people with physical and intellectual disabilities
  8. Drug, supply, and equipment shortages
  9. Misuse of parenteral syringes to administer oral liquid medications
  10. Preventing patient falls

Download the report and review ECRI’s actionable recommendations to remedy these challenges.

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