National CRNA Week

Isaiah Fuller, CRNA

“Last April, I drove up to New Jersey with two of my colleagues to care for COVID-19 patients at St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston. When I arrived for the first day of work, I can tell you that there was no way to imagine how truly bad it was. People were dying in droves.

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Codie Moszczynski, SRNA

When Codie Moszczynski, SRNA, front-line hero, contacted TANA to share her story, she was completing her third experience as a traveling ICU nurse on the front lines of the pandemic. At the time, January 4, 2021, Codie was in San Antonio, TX, following stints in Brooklyn, NY, and El Paso, TX, two of the nation’s

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Steven Moon, SRNA

It’s not easy to find any silver linings in the heavy, dark cloud that is the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are there to be found if you look hard enough. One example is the message repeated by many student registered nurse anesthetists that this world healthcare crisis has provided a trial-by-fire training ground for the

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Delia Rhinehart, CRNA

“In May, I traveled with four CRNA colleagues from Memphis to spend a month working at Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ, which was 20 minutes from Central Park. Barnabas contained only COVID patients, and the staff was exhausted. I decided to go because I wanted to show what CRNAs can do. We can wear

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