Action Alert – TANA Supports Insure Tennessee

Dear TANA Member:

The Tennessee Association of Nurse Anesthetists has joined Coalition for a Healthy Tennessee, which supports Insure Tennessee, a proposal being put forward by Governor Haslam to provide health insurance coverage to more than 170,000 low-income, working Tennesseans.  The coalition is comprised of more than 100 organizations supporting this effort, including AARP, Vanderbilt University, the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, the Rural Health Association and a myriad of healthcare provider organizations.

TANA is supporting Insure Tennessee because of its commitment to promoting access to safe, quality healthcare.  Many of TANA’s members practice in rural settings throughout the state, and we believe that Insure Tennessee will provide much needed access to care in communities across the state.   In fact, in 41 of Tennessee’s 95 counties, CRNAs are the sole anesthesia provider.

As a healthcare provider in this state, you probably know of or may have provided treatment to Tennesseans who are living in the Medicaid gap.  Often times, the working poor are single parents, children and even veterans.  Insure Tennessee is a plan to help these folks have access to health insurance.

We are asking that TANA members to share their support of Insure Tennessee in one of the following ways:

  1. Contact your legislator by phone and e-mail to voice your support for Insure Tennessee.  To find your legislator:

Statements for support of Insure Tennessee:

  • Insure Tennessee is market-based health care reform that Tennessee needs.
  • It will be good for working Tennesseans, good for our economy and stabilize our rural hospitals.
  • It will not cost Tennessee taxpayers anything – no new taxes or cost to the state budget. In fact, it keeps the Medicaid taxes paid by Tennesseans in our state to care for working Tennesseans instead of being spent on expansion in California, New York or other states.

Please include your name, organization, telephone number and home address, and request the representative vote in support of Insure Tennessee.

  1. Attend the Coalition for a Healthy Tennessee’s Day on the Hill on February 3, 2015.To register for the Day on the Hill click here. Everything is free but everyone must register so that we can have an accurate head count to plan.
  1. Share information with your colleagues about Insure Tennessee.

To learn more about Insure Tennessee click here.

To Learn more about Coalition for a Healthy Tennessee, please go to the following link:

Click Here to view a recent e-mail from the Coalition for a Healthy Tennessee providing insight into who those Tennesseans are that are living in Medicaid gap.

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