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2016 TANA Practitioner Award


In recognition of his outstanding contribution to practice and to the betterment of our profession,
the TANA Board of Directors presents the

2016 Patty Cornwell Practitioner of the Year Award


David L. Klappholz, CRNA, MSN, APN


"David Klappholz is an outstanding CRNA and an outstanding human being. He first presented himself to the UT Class of 2016 during our junior year and has been very available to us as a very dynamic resource. I have personally gained an unparalleled amount of wisdom from David."

"He does a great job with students as he is a mentor to many. He is also active in TANA and great at keeping the masses informed on current issues."

Eligibility: the award shall be given to a TANA member in good standing who has made a significant contribution to the profession of nurse anesthesia in Tennessee.

Following the link at the bottom of the page, you will find requirements for nomination and selection. Please mail your nominations to the TANA office at P.O. Box 60128, Nashville, TN, 37206. If you will be mailing FedEx, UPS, or other carriers, the street address is 1105 Gartland Ave, Nashville, TN, 37206. You may also email information to us as long as the guidelines have been completed to info@tncrna.com

If you have any questions or need further information don’t hesitate to call the TANA office at 615-329-3450. Surely, there are wonderful CRNAs in your area that you would like to recognize! The process is simple, so we hope you can take a few minutes to consider nominating one of your peers.

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